A popular author has several hundred thousand Twitter followers, and I recently heard him remark about “being on Twitter.” Like it was evidence of having evolved.

To be fair, in a sense it is a step forward for him. It’s better than not being there.

If you look at his tweets, they’re almost all quotes from his books. When it’s not him quoting himself, most of the rest are pitches for upcoming gigs or product releases.

In this case, Twitter’s being used as a list that you can subscribe to. Instead of email, but just like email.

Which is a missed opportunity in a world evolving to conversation as an irreplaceable element of connectorship.

All conversation doesn’t have to be 1-to-1. It can’t or shouldn’t be if you want to strategically scale you relationships.

But in the post-information age, more tweets, more quotes, more of anything isn’t going to be the optimum way to reach, teach, and lead. Broadcasting stuff isn’t wrong, but it does contribute to the noise that is part of the reason people are tuning out.

Get people talking. To you. To each other. By talking with them, not at them.