Many of you know that my past life included being a musician and songwriter, and fewer of you know that I still am…simply as my art. Quite fortunately I get the same same juice out of creating business content that has a message.

In the last week, I found inspiration to work on an incomplete song — that I started more than 20 years ago! Then just yesterday the muse hit at a time when I had a bunch of other things to do. The muse — the opposite of writer’s block — never shows up when it’s convenient, right?

I decided I could afford 20 minutes to work on the idea before getting back to the stuff that pays the bills, and BAM!, it just came out. Done in 20 minutes. And then the rest of the day’s work got done.

There’s are four simple lessons  in this, not the least of which is for me since I can be pretty dense:

  1. Sweat is an investment, not a guarantee of how soon the investment will pay off
  2. If you have no margin, you have nothing to invest
  3. There’s power in showing up. If you don’t put a pen to paper, a mouse pointer to PowerPoint, a pick to the guitar, it’ll never happen
  4. It will suck before it’s good, it’ll be good before it’s great. It’ll never be great if you don’t suck, so if you’re afraid to suck you’re going nowhere.

Cheers to some part of your day really sucking.