At one time in history, journalism — the unbiased reporting of the news — served as the aggregation of information that people didn’t have access to. At the time this created value, and it still has value.

As the world changes, however, it’s not a great model for YOU.

News outlets were both curators of the content and the distribution channel. Now anybody can reach their audience.

The challenge is twofold:

  • A zillion other people can reach your audience, too
  • You (probably) don’t have the money to force your way into their “space”

If you’re going to cut through the noise, then, you need something that both resonates with your audience and is sticky — something they want more of.

You have to have a point of view, an angle, an opinion, a category. This can be in what topic you curate, the commentary you add, or the choice of what you do and don’t include in what you share.

What the world doesn’t need is an amplifier that turns up the noise.