Why perfect knowledge is a myth. And a perfect opportunity for you

One promise of a “big data” world is that we’ll have a chance to know more, make better decisions, market better, know or our learners better, and solve world hunger at the same time.

But dare I say that there’s a […]

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How to avoid being a (bleep) online

Have you ever known one of “those” people? (Of course you have).

When I worked at Microsoft, one of the managers in our division had a team that had to work hand-in-hand with the team I was on. I sent her […]

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An elevator and a lesson in nextgen neighborhoods

Two people step into an elevator.

One is a successful business person. He understands the value of people and relationships, even building an enviable career. His mantra? “Relationship happens on the golf course, at the association meeting, when I bump into someone […]

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Why connectorship?

The world is changing. Forever.

If the world you live in has anything to do with content or expertise or being a go-to professional, it’s likely you’re in for a shock. You might be there already.

Let me explain.

About four decades ago […]

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The consequence of curiosity

New combinations of ideas don’t spontaneously combust.

New additions to a tribe don’t happen if everyone’s standing still.

New technologies, new movements, new customers, new friends. All start with an explorer who, instead of waiting to be told what to do, risked […]

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Connectorship and “The Question”

“Are you native of Australia?” I asked the taxi driver.

I’d just landed in Sydney and we were en route from airport to hotel.

“Fiji,” he said proudly, and as if on cue responded, “And you?”

When I told him I was from Oregon […]

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Old school with 300K Twitter followers?

A popular author has several hundred thousand Twitter followers, and I recently heard him remark about “being on Twitter.” Like it was evidence of having evolved.

To be fair, in a sense it is a step forward for him. It’s better […]

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Analysis: offline and online relationship

When it comes to connecting and relationships, bringing up “in-person” versus “social media” triggers opinions and passions and fears and stories and, sometimes, the digging-in of heels. For a moment, however, take a step back from personal preference.

What follows is […]

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Rule #1 for leaving a voicemail


Know. Your. Audience.



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Knowledge in the age of context

In the information age, digitization meant we had access to more information than ever. In time we developed new means of searching, organizing, analyzing, and using that information, transforming it into knowledge.

In the age of context, however, we hit overwhelm. […]

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