How this viral #FIFA video is a risk for you

The video below is a slice of awesome. And it should also be an awesome reminder to put the gun down and back away slowly.

Watch it, and I’ll explain.

One of consequences of ever-present technology is that we catch moments that […]

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The core measure of connectorship

Remember that one teacher that everyone wanted? Their classes filled up quickly, and you felt lucky if you managed to get in. Of course, you’ve likely experienced the opposite, too.


Why do two people who otherwise have the same knowledge radically differ […]

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Why learning leaders need to be connectors

One old adage, perhaps almost a cliche’, is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 

Caring is a great start, but in today’s world, it’s more critical than ever to be a connector. And this […]

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The four stages of growth in connectorship

As the Information Age gives way to a network-driven economy, many people are going to struggle. And while it’s rare that the new entirely replaces the old (industrialization transformed, but didn’t replace agriculture, right), it does mean that many ways […]

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Are you an innovator? Beware these four blindspots

Meet Shannon. She’s been with her organization a decade and absolutely loves her role in the learning and development division. Well, except for that one thing.

Shannon’s an innovator, a problem solver, a get-off-her-butt-and-figure-out-better-ways-to-do-it leader. And she’s frustrated with being underutilized.

Innovation […]

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Trusting the power of authenticity

The tumult left in the wake of the waning Information Age will continue to have examples of crappy people who seem to be succeeding. Power doesn’t like to let go of power.

In this world where many are struggling with deficits […]

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The power of shaking hands online

Outside my office door I heard my office building landlord talking about me. Your ears would perk up too, right?

It was instantly obvious he was walking a potential prospect for renting an office through the building, and since I’d given notice […]

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Another way for leaders to view The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle, popularized by Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why and this TED talk, has become a simple-but-awesome framework for evaluating the relationship between why, how, and what. In my favorite example of his, he points out that […]

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7 ways to jumpstart creativity, dot-connecting, and perspective pivots

You see the world in a different way. It’s baked into you. It’s your unique advantage. It’s what will help turn people’s heads with your interestingness, and help you be someone they want to keep following once you have their […]

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One thing all connectors should consider when publishing content

For all of history one measure of value was how long something would last.. Persistence.

Goods were valued for their durability. Currency was, too. People sought to improve how long food was around and available. Even one’s personal legacy smacks of this […]

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