Are you leading with message or miracle?

A young upstart rabbi was causing a ruckus. Oddly enough, it was because he was helping people — so much so that they started flocking to him in droves

This totally pissed off the religious leaders.

These so-called leaders were determined to […]

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Do your social media look like this?

You’re someplace with a bunch of people…

…on a lunch break at a conference, seated at a table with people you don’t know…

…in line at a coffee shop that you go to all the time. There are a few regulars there […]

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The key skill in simplifying complexity

In computing, zooming is the ability to change the scale or view. You know, like zooming in or out.

In content, zooming is the ability to change the scale or view. You know, like zooming into the details or zooming out […]

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The mission of showing up

Years ago I found myself not wanting to go to family functions, but a pivotal moment in that changing for me was realizing I had something unique to bring. In other words, that something would be decidely missing if I […]

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It’s just relationship

Her response to my Facebook post struck me as profound:
“I found myself referring to you as a friend more than once while talking to my boss about working with you before realizing we’ve never actually met.” 
Immediately following the sentence was […]

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Four uniquenesses you should totally grow into

In the post-information age it’ll become exponentially more difficult to be bigger, better, faster, smaller, or cheaper. But anyone can amplify their unique and distinct selves. Here are four you should not only “own,” but figure out how to exploit.

Your […]

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The boy on a board

The boy, about eight years old, was strapped to a board. He couldn’t move. Not because he was strapped to the board, but because he was paralyzed from the neck down.

The board was just how the resource-strapped care facility could […]

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Four simple reminders for all who produce content

Many of you know that my past life included being a musician and songwriter, and fewer of you know that I still am…simply as my art. Quite fortunately I get the same same juice out of creating business content that has […]

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Build a bridge or wait for them to swim to you?

Some people have nightmares about getting eaten by bears. I have them about being late, and this explains why the panic was setting in.

I was on my way to have coffee with a newly budding relationship, our third time meeting, […]

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What to do when you don’t quite remember someone’s name

Connecting isn’t always about remembering someone’s birthday and the name of their beloved golden retriever. It’s about the thin thread between you and what you do to strengthen it.

As the digital side of your life grows, it’s likely you will […]

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