Are you leading with message or miracle?

A young upstart rabbi was causing a ruckus. Oddly enough, it was because he was helping people — so much so that they started flocking to him in droves

This totally pissed off the religious leaders.

These so-called leaders were determined to […]

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3 principles, 4 practices to ‘build someone up’ at a distance

Often a business associate or team member is distant enough so that “grabbing coffee” is impractical. Here are a few principles and practices to bridge the distance to their heart.

Principles to live by

Time is still the most precious commodity you […]

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Are you an innovator? Beware these four blindspots

Meet Shannon. She’s been with her organization a decade and absolutely loves her role in the learning and development division. Well, except for that one thing.

Shannon’s an innovator, a problem solver, a get-off-her-butt-and-figure-out-better-ways-to-do-it leader. And she’s frustrated with being underutilized.

Innovation […]

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Another way for leaders to view The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle, popularized by Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why and this TED talk, has become a simple-but-awesome framework for evaluating the relationship between why, how, and what. In my favorite example of his, he points out that […]

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