3 principles, 4 practices to ‘build someone up’ at a distance

Often a business associate or team member is distant enough so that “grabbing coffee” is impractical. Here are a few principles and practices to bridge the distance to their heart.

Principles to live by

Time is still the most precious commodity you […]

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The four stages of growth in connectorship

As the Information Age gives way to a network-driven economy, many people are going to struggle. And while it’s rare that the new entirely replaces the old (industrialization transformed, but didn’t replace agriculture, right), it does mean that many ways […]

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The Connectorship Angle – Interview with Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst)

Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst) is the real deal. You may find him on the web talking about technology security, but in this show you’ll also hear about his background (non-technical!) and why he thinks we need to take the friction out […]