What to do when you don’t quite remember someone’s name

Connecting isn’t always about remembering someone’s birthday and the name of their beloved golden retriever. It’s about the thin thread between you and what you do to strengthen it.

As the digital side of your life grows, it’s likely you will […]

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Trusting the power of authenticity

The tumult left in the wake of the waning Information Age will continue to have examples of crappy people who seem to be succeeding. Power doesn’t like to let go of power.

In this world where many are struggling with deficits […]

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7 ways to jumpstart creativity, dot-connecting, and perspective pivots

You see the world in a different way. It’s baked into you. It’s your unique advantage. It’s what will help turn people’s heads with your interestingness, and help you be someone they want to keep following once you have their […]

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5 skills for connectors who influence through teaching

Teaching is a critical element of relationship, being valuably useful, and being sticky. Most teaching, however, isn’t formal (here are the learning objectives), it’s informal.

Don’t “do teaching,” be a teacher

Tasks are something you do. You block out time, and then […]

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