Do your social media look like this?

You’re someplace with a bunch of people…

…on a lunch break at a conference, seated at a table with people you don’t know…

…in line at a coffee shop that you go to all the time. There are a few regulars there […]

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Do we have a “conversation versus publication” problem?

If you and I were having lunch and I did all the talking, what would you think?

Even if what I was saying was interesting to you, at best you’d think I had something to say. What you wouldn’t think, however, […]

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The Connectorship Angle – Interview with Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst)

Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst) is the real deal. You may find him on the web talking about technology security, but in this show you’ll also hear about his background (non-technical!) and why he thinks we need to take the friction out […]