Another way for leaders to view The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle, popularized by Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why and this TED talk, has become a simple-but-awesome framework for evaluating the relationship between why, how, and what. In my favorite example of his, he points out that […]

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7 ways to jumpstart creativity, dot-connecting, and perspective pivots

You see the world in a different way. It’s baked into you. It’s your unique advantage. It’s what will help turn people’s heads with your interestingness, and help you be someone they want to keep following once you have their […]

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The Connectorship Angle – Interview with Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst)

Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst) is the real deal. You may find him on the web talking about technology security, but in this show you’ll also hear about his background (non-technical!) and why he thinks we need to take the friction out […]

One thing all connectors should consider when publishing content

For all of history one measure of value was how long something would last.. Persistence.

Goods were valued for their durability. Currency was, too. People sought to improve how long food was around and available. Even one’s personal legacy smacks of this […]

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5 skills for connectors who influence through teaching

Teaching is a critical element of relationship, being valuably useful, and being sticky. Most teaching, however, isn’t formal (here are the learning objectives), it’s informal.

Don’t “do teaching,” be a teacher

Tasks are something you do. You block out time, and then […]

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Why perfect knowledge is a myth. And a perfect opportunity for you

One promise of a “big data” world is that we’ll have a chance to know more, make better decisions, market better, know or our learners better, and solve world hunger at the same time.

But dare I say that there’s a […]

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How to avoid being a (bleep) online

Have you ever known one of “those” people? (Of course you have).

When I worked at Microsoft, one of the managers in our division had a team that had to work hand-in-hand with the team I was on. I sent her […]

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An elevator and a lesson in nextgen neighborhoods

Two people step into an elevator.

One is a successful business person. He understands the value of people and relationships, even building an enviable career. His mantra? “Relationship happens on the golf course, at the association meeting, when I bump into someone […]

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Why connectorship?

The world is changing. Forever.

If the world you live in has anything to do with content or expertise or being a go-to professional, it’s likely you’re in for a shock. You might be there already.

Let me explain.

About four decades ago […]

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How Getty Images will get richer sharing images for free

In the age of connectorship, images play an increasing role, because, used well, they powerfully communicate story, context, and meaning…critical stuff when your success depends on reaching, teaching, and leading.

So how does an organization, the very name of which invokes […]

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