For professionals who take personal responsibility for change in themselves or others, I teach mindsets, strategies and tactics for navigating the transition beyond the Information Age.

Hello, I’m Roger. And I’m passionate about how we (all of us!) reach, teach and lead in real, human, relational ways at the intersection of trends and technology.

If you want the third-person bio that notes my work and official impress-you stuff, see my curriculum vitae over at But how I think about bios is changing, so imagine you and I are having coffee and you just asked me about myself.


  • I started in the web conferencing industry in 1999. I have had the good fortune of building a couple strong brands there around using webinars, virtual classes, and online meetings.
  • The most frequently asked question in virtual presentations is, “How do I engage an audience that I can’t see.” What I’ve subsequently learned is that this a confusion that isn’t restricted to webinars and virtual classes.
  • The most expensive education I ever paid for was taking a couple million bucks of angel investment (co-founding Corvent, which we sold to Intercall). The investors made the money. I learned stuff.
  • There is no “in the box” until you and I define the box for you or your organization. The bad news is that there is no “Package 1, Package 2, Package 3″ to pick off the shelf so you can read the label. The good news is that this is more like engaging a personal chef than putting something frozen in the microwave.
  • I’m not the button-down type who earns the CEO’s respect with my Fortune 500 cred. I am very much the type who can sit across the table and earn the CEO’s respect when they figure out that I treat them as people who put their shoes on the same way I do, that I am highly self-educated, and I don’t talk out my ying-yang just to try to impress them.


  • I grew up with traveling parents, so I feel entirely at home with a global audience. I love different cultures, weird food, and trying really hard not to be one of “those” Americans. I do my best to honour you with localisation and cultural sensitivity.
  • Strengthsfinder strengths are ideation, strategic, communication, connectedness, and input.
  • There’s nothing I love more than connecting ideas in useful ways and helping people have “aha!” moments that touch down in their real lives. This happens formally (speaking, teaching, writing) and dialogically (consulting), but increasingly it’s formally informal (coaching).
  • For me, speaking, teaching, and coaching is like playing on a team with you. I don’t win if we don’t win.
  • Three enduring loves besides my three teenage kids, dog, and three cats are American football, fishing, and music. I still play my guitar almost every day.
  • The marketer in me cringes that all these statements are about me. Tell me about you.

Great professional relationships almost always start small. Trust might be earned quickly, but it’s still one day at a time (a favorite saying is ,“The mark of professionalism isn’t what happens when everything goes right, it’s what happens when everything goes wrong”).

Let’s talk. If we can connect the dots on mutual success, we’ll know it. If it’s not (or it’s “not right now”), we’ll part friends and I’ll refer you to someone else to help you get where you need to go.