Three things are true for many of us:

  1. Relationship and communication are essential to success
  2. Technology is not optional
  3. There is little or no historical precedent for the change happening in the world

The Information Age is ending. The rate and scale of change are accelerating. The very people you want to reach, teach, and lead are experiencing overwhelm. Maybe you are, too.

The problem is also the opportunity. Think of someone you know who’s a total {fill in your favorite expletive for “bad person”}. This is not a good time to be like that.

It is a great time hone and amplify your awesomeness.

Why: In everything we do, relationship is the killer app. We need to be…

How: The riskiest thing we can do is what we’ve always done. Together we will…

  • Grow personal foundations of identity, meaning, and purpose
  • Shift mindsets to meet trends from a position of strength and opportunity
  • Develop practical strategy(ies) for yourself and others
  • Learn specific mindsets, strategies, tactics and tools for immediate action in light of a bigger or future picture

What: Right content, right conversation, right medium, right time and timing. Contexts include…

  • Interactive, TED-ish keynotes
  • Hands-on workshops and intensives
  • Executive coaching and mastermind groups
  • Facilitation of team experiences