About Roger Courville

Roger Courville has been called the Michael Jordan of online presentations and virtual classes.

Most of the time, however, he’s a just an exceedingly normal guy who speaks, trains, consults, and writes about psychosocial effectiveness when communicating via web/audio/video conferencing (e.g., webinars/web seminars, virtual presentations, webcasts, virtual classrooms).

A veteran of the web conferencing industry (since the modem days of 1999), Roger has taught tens of thousands people worldwide, and he’s reached tens of thousands more with writing appearances, interviews, and while sitting in airports.

His 2008 white paper “Five Keys to Moving Training Online” won TrainingZone.co.uk’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Top Download of the Year.”

What else should you know?

  • He’s not a big fan of the word “webinar,” but he’s smart enough to use it on this blog for SEO purposes.
  • His future-thinking keynotes about trends, connectorship, and the impact of technology on relationship are more like pragmatic training sessions than “talk at you” keynotes.
  • His life calling is helping people have aha! moments, master new skills, and rock new stages.
  • He’s a good husband and dad, bad guitarist, and pretty much eats anything.