Hello future

An always-on world holds the promise of infinite possibilities.
It is also creating deficits in attention, meaning, and connectedness.

“Future shock” is no longer in the future.

For those who reach, teach, and lead, success will require finding new answers to being present, resonant, and trusted. Even when technology is involved.

Especially when technology is involved.

Here’s to being distinctive. To being valuable. To being missed.


Hello connectorship

Interactive, TED-ish keynotes. Hands-on workshops.
Executive coaching and mastermind groups. Consulting and facilitation.
Onsite or online.

Trends and technology.
Relational media. Intergenerational work and learning.
Educating for influence. Addressing complexity with story.
Designing presentations and classes for attention and impact, onsite or online.

Challenge yourself and others with new mindsets, strategies, and tactics